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“Bi-Method” magazine on sale now!!

I wrote this post in the beginning of the month in June, but couldn’t post it until the magazine was published.

The magazine will explain an exercise system my personal trainer, Kristina, teaches. It’s called “Body Coordination.”

It is on shelves now, so please go to a book store near you and check it out!

Written on June 3rd:

Yesterday I did a record of non-stop 6 hours photo shoot and TV interview.

I collaborated with Kristina, my personal fitness trainer, for the release of her own book about exercise and fitness. This was unbelievably hard as it was straight from a red eye flight from Singapore to Tokyo!

And oh wait… it did not finished there… then I went to a magazine interview which started at 9 pm!!!! Until 10 pm. I reached my bed at almost 11 pm, in agony!

But the pictures are great. My photographer was Matsuki Kohei with whom I worked a few times in the past. I loved it because I totally directed my own shoot yesterday. It is fun to have total freedom in a shoot.

Sunao from T&G Harajuku did my hair and Aki Oowada did my make-up (as almost always). I was so happy to be with my dear team again! (Shige, Emiko, I love being in Tokyo and working 24 hours. It is an incredible energizing city. I love you guys.


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頑張った甲斐あって上がってきた写真は最高でした。カメラマンは過去に何度かご一緒したことのあるMatsuki Kohei。今回の写真撮影では私がディレクションしたため、自由な撮影ができて楽しかったです。


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