MY WEEKEND – Sunday Diner at THE RAFFLES Hotel

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Last night, after the World Runway event, we had diner at the renowned Raffles Hotel outside in the beautiful courtyard.

The first time I visited the hotel was back in 1996 together with Supermodel Nicky Taylor while working for a few days in Singapore.

The Raffles Hotel is considered a symbol of Singapore’s past and is known world wide for having some of the highest standards.

I wear a yellow Herve Leger dress

The hotel was open way back in 1887 and over the years has seen many changes, including having survived the occupation during the last world war. It was later declared to be a national monument in 1987 before reopening its doors as the Raffles Hotel in 1991 after some heavy restoration.

The food was delicious and it was romantic to have diner with Ken after such a full weekend. I strongly recommend it if you visit Singapore.

私の週末 - ラッフルズホテルでディナー

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