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WOULDN’T IT BE FUN…. if people were so creative when they go out? I am so bored to see everyone wearing either black, gray or beige at events or at meetings.

Yesterday I went shopping all day in Tokyo, shops after shops buying clothes, shoes and accessories for the shooting of my DVD series. I am going to shop again all day today. I have 2 pople following me and helping me carrying the bags or paying when I am done. You could not believe how fast I am when i shop, it is like if I had a radar founding the cool pieces. It has been years looking at fashion magazines!

My budget is HUGE, also I am having so much fun and I found some incredible outfits, accessories for the next seasons, exciting! I am actually wearing a black hair wig and sunglasses while shopping (!!!) so that people would not recognize me and I can go faster looking for the best from shop to shop.

Why can’t girls or women in general have to shop “SAFE”? I do not understand… everyone should wear something that match their personality. If you wear gray or beige, it means that you are spice less… is this really the message that you want to pass on, to people who meet you, about yourself?

Again, yesterday I was in a shop and I saw these 2 girls in their twenties. They were both wearing all black from head- to-toe, and guess what? They were looking to buy some more black!! I could not resist to show them a pair of shocking pink sandals to break their monotone-funeral-look. They did recognized me and actually bought the shoes. And me too!

Actually would you like me to take pictures of all he goodies that i bought and post it for you? I could include price and the name & location of the shop where I bought it? Would it make your life easier on the weekend to go shopping? Maybe I could even ask Maiko, our new winner, to be my standing model for the photos and you could see how the clothes look on her. Tell me if this is a good idea please and I will surely arrange? Anything for you my dear!!! I am at your service….



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みんなも出かける時の格好がこんなに個性的だったら・・・もっと楽しいのに! イベントでもミーティングでも、みんなが黒やグレー、ベージュを着ているのはつまらないわ。







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If you don’t have a TV, don’t get Oscar coverage in the country you live, lie us in Japan, you have many options. There are many websites that offer coverage from the Oscars, including red carpet interviews, backstage footage and more.

As you would expect, the Oscars have their own official website. Here you can watch exclusive Oscars content from the red carpet and behind the scenes material. The site also has tons of information about the nominees, the Oscars themselves and all sorts of other cool features. You can check it out at:

Another great option this year is who are offering several cool feeds from the 2010 Oscars. The Academy Awards has it’s own official stream at:

Associated Press has teamed up with livestream to cover the Oscars here :

And if that’s not enough, you can follow the show live on your computer at this link:



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