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She was one of the best at the audition. Two other girls were beautiful as well. I got my top 3! :))

She is very pretty, but she shows no intelligence coming to audition with a t-shirt talking about loving men… who care?! Too bad.

“Dress to impress”, well,,,,, this is clearly not impressive.

This girl definitely has sparkles!

Never pose with your hands like this, it looks weird and looks too masculine. (Asami in the background)

This girls asked me what she should do to prepare, I was telling Maiko all the advises that I was thinking of. She is the boss :)

For your information, I told her that she looks too massive, that she needs to replace fat with muscle mass by swimming each day. Definitely she should fix her teeth as some of her teeth have different colors and shape. She needs to develop nice facial expressions when she speaks to people.

Maiko in action!

Posing with Marina Kirishima (finalist at MUJ 2010), who is currently representing JAPAN at the Miss EARTH PAGEANT in Vietnam.

I am proud of her as she won the Best in National Costume Award in a dramatic dress that I designed together with Tadashi in 2004. (I will post later on). Nobody had never used the dress with countless Swarovski stones n red and blue, with thedesign of a dragon and Japanese flowers. Marina wore it with grace and spunk on stage the other day and she got the first place and won US$ 5,000!

Well done Mademoiselle Kirishima!

Below with my assistant Emiko Faye. Cute picture! Gosh Marina is a giant, this girl is so tall!

Fashion Check!

Marina wears Gucci, I wear BCBG dress, TopShop stockings and Christian Louboutin shoes. Emiko wears, Dior jacket, lewis denim & Gucci shoes


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