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Ines Aloha,

I just wanted to point out that the shirt that she is wearing read “Love is the Movement” which is the slogan of “To Write Love on Her Arms,” an organization that helps young people struggling with addiction, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

I do agree that since she is trying to represent Japan, she should present herself at her best and definitely try to impress. I don’t think she’s “not showing intelligence,” but maybe she’s using this opportunity to get out the word to help an amazing organization!!!

Thank you very much for listening. You’re doing an amazing job with the MUJ organization. Keep up the good work!

With Aloha,



Dear Jacob, ton of thanks, I had no idea…. hands done! Kudos to this great woman in the making then. She gets my ticket to the top! :)

I appreciate your soft way of correcting me, unfortunately others would have been harsh on me…. if everyone was like you, this world would be a more peaceful one. You must be from the islands… are you?

Semi-Finals actually will take place on December 5th in Aoyama in Tokyo. Hope to see you there in the audience Jacob.

Sincerely, Mahalo, ines


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