FMG Beautiful (Ines Style) by AVON

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Products Description
1. FMG Beautiful Eye Shadow (Ines Style)
Eye shadow that keeps the beautiful color for a long time and creates three-dimensional impression around the eyes.
It shows Japanese women’s black eyes to advantage, and gives an impactful impression. It consists of 4 colors that are easy to use for beginners.

1. FMGビューティフル アイシャドウ (イネス スタイル)

2. FMG Aqua Charge Rouge (Ines Style)
Rouge that moisturizes the lips softly and gives natural luster.
The color is rose that shows Japanese women’s lips to advantage, giving a younger look to the mouth area.

2. FMGアクア チャージ ルージュ EX (イネス スタイル)

FMG Beautiful Eye Shadow (Ines Style):
FMG Aqua Charge Rouge (Ines Style):


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